StarkeyN Hearing Aid Style

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StarkeyN Hearing Aid Style

1) CIC
Completely-In-the-Canal hearing aids are one of the more cosmetically appealing custom made aids. They usually require a "removal string" due to their small size and their deep fit into the ear canal. CICs do not usually have manual controls because they are too small. CIC hearing aids have the shortest battery life.

2) ITC

In-The-Canal hearing aids are slightly more visible than ITEs. They require good dexterity to control the volume wheels and other controls on the faceplate.

3) ITE

In-The-Ear hearing aids are more visible and the easiest to handle of the custom made aids. They have a longer battery life than completely-in-the-canal aids.

4) BTE

Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids have the most circuit options and typically have more power than any of the custom made in-the-ear aids. BTEs "sit" on the back of your ear. They are connected to custom-made earmolds. These aids can now be fitted with an invisible slim tube instead of the plastic tubing.

5) Open BTE

Open Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids use tiny casing and a nearly invisible slim tube. Open fittings offer a cosmetically apppealing option. They are lightweight and tiny, with a transparent dome that makes them less noticeable than aids with custom earmolds.

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