StarkeyN Services

Our Hearing Care Center has provided state of the art comprehensive hearing healthcare services, including:

1) Evaluation of hearing loss

2) Recommendation and fitting of hearing aids

3) Counseling and support

4) Referrals to medical professionals

Repair services for all hearing aids are available as well as assistive listening and signaling devices, batteries and other accessories. StarkeyN also provides resources for many other aspects of the management of hearing loss.

Audiological Evaluation
Our staff, licensed certified audiologists, provide complete evaluation of hearing loss situations. Among the services available are:

1) Screening test

This audiometric exam tests pure-tone thresholds and will determine
(a) if a hearing loss exists,
(b) generally what type of loss it is, and
(c) which, if any, further tests are needed.

2) Diagnostic evaluation

This audiological evaluation includes complete air-conduction and bone-conduction testing, as well as speech thresholds and word recognition tests. Additional tests such as tone-decay, loudness balance, and middle ear function tests may be performed.


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